Geehy Semiconductor Secured RT-Thread Senior Membership

Geehy Semiconductor recently signed a membership agreement with RT-Thread, a well-known IoT operating system platform, and officially became a senior member. Together with RT-Thread, Geehy will build a new ecosystem for IoT development, providing a richer and more competitive portfolio of MCU products for industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics fields, and optimizing the product application development.


Founded in December 2019, Geehy Semiconductor is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apex Microelectronics, formerly known as Apex IoT Chip Division, its parent company is Ninestar Corporation (002180. SZ). Its main business covers domestic 32-bit industrial-grade general-purpose MCU, low-power Bluetooth SoC, and industry Control MCU&SoC-eSE. Geehy is committed to providing better chip products and services in the fields of consumer electronics, medical devices, smart homes, industrial control, automotive electronics, and smart energy.



RT-Thread is a tiny and elegant IoT operating system integrating Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) kernel, middleware component, and developer community. It is also an operating system with rich components, highly scalable, simple development, ultra-low power consumption, and high security. RT-Thread supports all mainstream MCU architecture and compilation tools, and a variety of standard interfaces such as POSIX, CMSIS, C++ application environment, Javascript execution environment, etc. After 15 years of cumulative development, RT-Thread has been widely used in energy, vehicle-mounted, medical, consumer electronics, and other industries, deployed on more than 1.4 billion units.



In the future, both parties will cooperate in various aspects such as industrial ecological construction and RT-Thread Studio IDE, and jointly promote the wide adaptation of Geehy’s MCU/MPU/SoC chips, printer master chips, low-power Bluetooth SoCs, and other products with RT-Thread OS. We will give full play to our respective strengths to provide the industry with performance and cost advantages of software and hardware design solutions and high-quality supporting tools to help end-user companies speed up iteration and enhance product differentiation.