Geehy's First show at Electronica 2022 in Munich


Electronica 2022


November 15, 2022— Electronica 2022 opens in Munich, Germany. Geehy Semiconductor showed up with "intelligent energy", "automotive electronics", "industrial control", and "consumer electronics" four fields of APM32 MCUs and applications.


This is the first time that Geehy participated in the Electronica show in Germany, which attracted a large number of visitors to stop to visit and consult.


Geehy brought new released products, including APM32F105/107 series MCUs, dual-mode Bluetooth 5.2 GW3323 MCU, and the upcoming AFE-Chip BMP1601, motor control MCU APM32F035 and a number of solutions during the show.


At the same time, Geehy exhibited the solutions developed based on APM32 industrial/automotive grade MCUs, including outdoor power supply solution, portable POS machine solution, thermal printer solution, two-wheel motor control solution, and high-performance servo drive solution, which received extensive attention from customers.



Geehy Seminar on APM32


In the afternoon of November 14, local time in Germany, Geehy organized its agents to attend the seminar before its debut in Electronica 2022. Geehy's director of the overseas sales department Serena Wang delivered a speech at the meeting, introducing the overseas development plan and expectations; The head of R&D in Geehy’s USA branch, Jeff Duve presented the company's leading research and development capabilities, as well as its high-reliability IC design and verification platform. Geehy's director of the industrial & security business unit, Water Liu, and the director of the automotive electronics business unit, Mr. Xu, respectively introduced Geehy’s product roadmap in the high-growth segment markets and Geehy will provide complete solutions to the customers including IC solution, algorithms and software solutions in the future.


This was the first time that Geehy organized an overseas seminar and received unanimous affirmation from the customers.