Geehy Launches New APM32F003x6 Series MCUs


The new Industrial-grade premium APM32F003 follows APM32 series MCUs’ product design concept of high dominant frequency, large capacity, wide temperature range, and high precision. It has unique advantages in performance, power consumption, and stability. Moreover, the ADC clock accuracy can be directly compared with that of imported similar products at high temperatures. At present, it can be applied to intelligent household appliances, industrial control, consumer electronics, and other application fields.

Powerful Master Control System

Based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core with the maximum operating dominant frequency of 48MHz and power supply voltage of 2.0~5.5V, it provides 32Kbytes Flash and 4Kbytes SRAM on-board storage resources, which can reasonably cope with resource costs caused by equipment operation. The chip adopts a highly compact 3 x 3mm miniaturized package QFN20, which is conducive to improving system integration, enhancing the work efficiency of products, and reducing BOM cost.

High Stability

With a temperature range of -40℃+105℃, it has strong temperature adaptability and can ensure stable operation of products at different temperatures. With 8kV ESD and strong anti-static interference ability, it integrates HSI internal high-speed oscillator, and the accuracy is within ± 3% in the full range, which helps to improve the sensitivity of product operation.


High Integration

It integrates multiple UART, SPI, I2C, and other communication interfaces, and has a 16-bit general timer, 8-bit basic timer, 12-bit ADC (8-channel, supporting differential input), and other peripheral resources. The high integration of the chip helps to comprehensively improve the diversified control and wide connectivity of products, and meet more development and application requirements. APM32F003 series MCU, by integrating enhanced real-time control capability and rich peripheral resource allocation, can obtain more complex and advanced product functions at a more economical development cost, and effectively meet the embedded application requirements of small volume and low power.

Geehy APM32 series is a high-quality domestic 32-bit general-purpose MCU based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M3/M4 core and has the characteristics of low power, high performance, rich peripherals, and fast replacement. With excellent system performance, rich co-processing functions, and flexible user experience, it helps users shorten product design time, reduce development costs and optimize performance.