APM32F030x8 Series MCU


The new industrial-grade general-purpose APM32F030x8 series MCU has the characteristics of large capacity, wide temperature range, and low power, and has been fully optimized in terms of reliability, stability, and power consumption. The chip has high code execution efficiency, and customers can quickly realize import substitution without modifying the design. At the same time, it has a 96-bit chip unique identification number (UID). It can meet the customized regional product sales strategy of customers and has complete product performance certification (has passed USB-IF certification and IEC61508 tests), which can effectively guarantee no worry about the export of application products.


The application scope of the product includes household appliances, PLC, electric vehicles, user interfaces, industrial control applications, handheld devices, security equipment, and other cost-sensitive and high-computing demand fields.

High-speed Storage & Upgrade Performance

Based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core with the maximum operating frequency of 72MHz, it has an efficient operation processing function and can process a large amount of instruction information in real-time. With built-in up to 64Kbytes Flash and 8Kbytes SRAM, it supports the development of more custom functions. The upgraded high-speed storage space can quickly cope with the energy cost incurred during the operation of the device, and provide users with a better user experience.


Lower Power Consumption & Efficient Energy Use


The voltage range is 2.0V~3.6V. The power-on reset, power-down reset, and configurable voltage monitoring modules are built in. It has 16/26/39/55 I/Os, supports all mappable external interrupt vectors, and tolerates all 5V signal inputs. It provides three low-power modes: sleep, stop and standby. Users can configure different power modes to minimize energy consumption and improve efficiency.


Rich Resources & High Integration


An RTC is built in. It supports calendar function and can realize alarm and periodic wake-up in stop and standby modes. A high-precision 12-bit ADC is built in. It supports 10/16 external channels and can realize dynamic high-precision real-time sampling. The chip integrates high-precision timers, analog peripherals, communication interfaces, and other peripheral resources, which helps to comprehensively improve the diversified control and extensive connectivity of products, and meet more development and application requirements of customers.