APM32F051x8 Series MCU


The newly-launched industrial-grade enhanced APM32F051x8 series MCU is based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core, with an operating frequency of up to 48MHz and built high-speed memory Flash 16-64KB and SRAM 8KB. It is a full optimization and upgrade of product performance based on APM32F030x8. The added TSC can accurately identify touch input in complex working conditions. The built-in HDMI CEC interface meets the advanced control requirements of intelligent terminals. It has the characteristics of high integration, good portability, wide compatibility, and strong extended control function.


At present, it can be widely used in the fields of intelligent door locks, robot control, ammeter, encoder, motor driver, industrial control boards, toys, capacitive touch smart homes, remote controllers, and set-top boxes.

Precise Signal Command Recognition

TSC is added, and it has up to 18 capacitive sensing channels, supporting touch, and linear and rotating touch functions. Based on the proven surface charge transfer principle, it can effectively ensure that the product can accurately identify touch input instructions in a complex operating environment.


High-Precision Data Sampling And Conversion


Built-in 12-bit DAC with data left-right alignment function and conversion external trigger; built-in 5-channel DMA controller ensures that the LCD does not get stuck and the content is refreshed in time; built-in 12-bit ADC supports up to 16 external channels, with a conversion range of 0~3.6V, independent analog power supply of 2.4~3.6V. With abundant analog peripherals, this series of chips can realize high-precision real-time sampling and efficient conversion of dynamic data.


Intelligent Control Of Multi-Devices

The embedded HDMI CEC controller can provide hardware support for the consumer electronics control (CEC) protocol. It is also configured with two programmable analog comparators, which can wake up MCU from the stop mode when receiving data. For multi-device application scenarios in the field of smart home, it supports a single remote controller to control all devices connected with HDMI, which helps to solve the trouble of multiple remote controllers caused by multiple devices, and provides users with an easy and convenient smart life experience.


Key Characteristics 


· Support 96-bit unique identification number UID and CRC computing unit

· The power supply voltage is 2.0~3.6V, and VBAT supports RTC and backup register power supply

· 55 I/Os, supporting all mappable external interrupt vectors with 5V signal fault-tolerant capability

· Real-time clock RTC, supporting calendar function, which can realize alarm and periodic wake-up in stop/standby mode

· The operating temperature is -40℃~+105℃, meeting the severe operating temperature environment

· Package: QFN/32/48, LQFP32/48/64