APM32F072xB Series MCU


The newly-launched industrial-grade extended APM32F072xB series MCU is based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core, with an operating frequency of 48MHz, Flash 128KB, and SRAM 16kb. The APM32F072xB series strengthens connection control and can realize advanced control of intelligent audio and video terminals with high-cost performance. It has certified USB-IF and can effectively guarantee no worry about the export of terminal products.

· Capacitive touch function is added, helping to provide capacitive sensing channels together with proximity, touch key, linear or rotation sensors.

· Support the simultaneous use of USB and CAN interface, and provide a cost-effective USB scheme without an external crystal oscillator for intelligent devices.

· The operating temperature range is -40℃~+105℃, meeting the severe industrial and automotive operating temperature environment.

· Good portability helps to reduce the engineers' workload and lower the development cost for customers.

· The cost-sensitive customers can select the tailored APM32F071xB and APM32F070xB.

Application Scope: Computer/game peripherals, BMS, capacitive touch household appliances, industrial control, automotive electronics, and other product fields.

APM32F072xB Series MCU

Efficient Control & Wide Applications

·Voltage range: 2.0V ~3.6V; built-in power-on reset, power-down reset, and programmable voltage detector PVD.

· Up to 37/51/87 I/Os, all of which can be mapped to external interrupt vectors, tolerant of 5V signal input.

· Built-in 7-channel DMA controller and CRC computing unit.

· The new device adopts the latest manufacturing process to achieve the industry-leading ultra-low operating power (50% lower than that of main competitive products) and faster Flash erasing speed (more than twice as high as the main competitive products)

· Support 96-bit unique ID, meeting customized regional product sales strategies of customers

· Package: QFN48, LQFP48/LQFP64/LQFP100


Enhanced Connectivity & Reduced Costs

The cost-effective USB solution without an external crystal oscillator helps to simplify the design and save external circuits. It supports the simultaneous use of full-speed USB2.0 and CAN interfaces, which is conducive to expanding the application scenarios in the fields of industrial control and automotive electronics. The built-in hardware touch sensing controller has up to 24 capacitive sensing channels, and can accurately identify touch input commands in a complex industrial control environment. The hardware supports the HDMI CEC function, allowing end-users to use a single remote controller to control various CEC audio and video devices, such as television, set-top box, and blue-ray player, and can realize advanced control application requirements such as single-key playback and system standby.

High Integration & Versatile Controls

Built-in RTC, it supports calendar function, and can realize alarm and periodic wake-up in stop and standby modes. It supports serial debugging SWD interface. This series of chips have rich peripheral resources, which helps to comprehensively improve the diversified control and extensive connectivity of products, and meet more innovative development application requirements of customers.