APM32F103xB Series MCU


Since its release, Geehy 32-bit APM32F103xB Series MCU has been tested and used by customers many times and received good feedback from the market. At present, this series has been successfully applied in the fields of consumer electronics, industrial control, intelligent instruments, and IoT products.


Low Cost & High Performance


APM32F103 is based on Arm® Cortex® -M3 core with a maximum operating frequency of 96MHz in the full temperature range. The built-in AHB high-performance bus and APB advanced peripheral bus can realize higher storage and processing speed, ensuring fast connection and flexible control of products. The power supply is 1.6V~3.6V. The energy consumption in operation mode is low, which can effectively prolong the service life of the power supply, reduce the chip power and reduce the product cost. Meanwhile, it has good portability and can greatly reduce the workload of engineers.


Distinct Advantages In Comparison With Similar Products

·Operating power consumption is reduced by approximately 30%

· Power consumption in sleep mode is reduced by approximately 10%

· Power consumption in standby mode is improved by approximately 23%~50%

Rich On-board Resources

Up to 128KB Flash and 20KB SRAM are built in APM32F103. Sufficient storage space can provide a hardware guarantee for the operation of the operating system. Meanwhile, the series has a variety of communication interfaces, which can better help the customers embed them in product applications, and help to shorten the time to design and market the products.

Distinct Advantages In Comparison With Similar Products

· Flash 1KB page erase time is about 90% faster

· Flash 16-bit program time is about 65% faster

· The FPU coprocessor can efficiently process complex floating-point operations.

· It has a QSPI interface and supports external Flash.

· It supports the simultaneous use of USB and CAN interfaces.

Strong Security 

The power-on reset, power-down reset, and configurable voltage monitoring modules are built in APM32F103, with protection and anomaly detection functions, and can monitor the operating voltage of the system in real-time. This series has a variety of timers and reset forms inside, which can detect and terminate errors in the operation of the system in time and effectively reduce system risks. In addition to the above security features, APM32F103 also has a 96-bit unique identification that cannot be rewritten. It supports tamper detection and comprehensively ensures the security of information and data.


APM32F103 has reliable product performance, rich peripheral functions, and excellent product quality. At the same time, it has good extensibility and cost-effectiveness and can be widely used in consumer electronics, smart wearable devices, industrial control, household appliances, intelligent instruments and meters, IoT products, and other fields.