APM32F103xE Series MCU


The APM32F103×E series enhanced MCU uses the latest version of Arm® Cortex®-M3 core, the operating frequency is 96MHz, the Flash is up to 512Kbytes, SRAM is up to 128Kbytes, and is configured with enhanced external memory controller EMMC.

It integrates a variety of peripheral interfaces such as on-board memory, timer, and data converter. It features low power, large capacity, good portability, and fast FLASH erasing/programming speed. It applies to micro receipt printers, POS machines, card readers, model planes, balance cars, handheld PTZ, LED control, motor control, automotive electronics, fingerprint lock, LCD, and other application fields.


High Integration

·It has a wide range of peripheral resources and rich communication interfaces. The optimized and upgraded USB2.0 supports simultaneous use of USB and CAN interface when the system clock is 96MHz.

·It has 51/80/112 multi-functional bidirectional I/O ports, which can be mapped to 16 external interrupt controllers and can tolerate the input of 5V signals.

·It supports SWD and JTAG interfaces, Cortex-M3 embedded tracking module, and other debugging modes.

·It has a built-in CRC computing unit and 96-bit unique identification that cannot be rewritten, supports intrusion detection, and can effectively ensure the reliability and security of the product


Powerful Computing Capability

SRAM with a large capacity of up to 128Kbytes and enhanced external storage controller EMMC are built in. It supports an external expansion of SDRAM and can improve the dynamic and static memory cache, further expand the user cache region, and greatly improve the overall application performance at a low-power budget. Even if the user does not replace the current APM32F103 hardware platform, it can be seamlessly upgraded to higher applications, meeting the functional requirements of popular products such as take-away receipt printers and home and office printers during the outbreak of COVID-19.


It is equipped with an independent single-precision floating-point arithmetic unit (FPU), which supports the current mainstream algorithms such as fingerprint algorithm, scanner decoding algorithm, motor closed-loop control, PID algorithm, fast Fourier transform, etc. It has a powerful operation capability comparable to M4F and is mainly applied to the fields of the scanner, motor controller, and fingerprint reader.


Quick Porting

With quick porting, it can perfectly replace imported chips, support rapid code transportation, expansion, and upgrading, and fully release the premium potential of the Cortex-M3 core. It is powered by a 2.0V~3.6V power supply, with contact discharge and air insulation discharge reaching 8KV and strong anti-static interference capability. It supports sleep, stops, and standby three low-power modes.