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Geehy Dachuan GS500

Industrial Grade Internet Soc-eSE Security Master Chip

 Boost the creation of a safe and reliable development environment for the industrial Internet


Development Trend and Current Situation of Industrial Internet


Market Development Scale


As an important part of the new infrastructure, the industrial Internet is the key to the realization of digital, network-based, and intelligent development of the industry, and also the commanding point of a new round of global industrial competition. In recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine vision, and other emerging technologies, the industrial Internet has also ushered in a broad market space.


According to CCID and Wisdom Consulting related data, from 2018 to 2025, the global industrial Internet market will grow from $805.9 billion to $1.2 trillion with a compound annual growth rate of 11.7%; from 2018 to 2021, the scale of China's industrial Internet market will grow from RMB 531.5 billion to RMB 775.2 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 10.5%.


Frequent Security Incidents


The rapid development of the industrial Internet breaks the relatively closed state of the traditional industrial environment and increases the risk of network attacks. The phenomena of unencrypted data, weak protection capability of equipment, and insufficient security operation capability bring many security threats and hidden dangers to the industrial Internet.


Hardware Security 


The traditional security defense is difficult to effectively deal with new security threats. With the introduction of more and more intelligent devices into the industrial Internet, how to enhance the chip hardware security protection of key nodes of the industrial Internet such as industrial gateways, control systems, core applications, and terminal devices is an important support for building a secure and trusted environment for the industrial Internet.


Geehy Dachuan GS500 Industrial Grade Internet Soc-eSE Security Master Chip

Boost the independent and controllable development of the industrial Internet industry

With 20 years of experience in security encryption chip design and the practice verification of the multi-scenario application, Geehy recently launched Dachuan GS500 industrial Internet SoC-eSE security master chips for key application fields of the industrial Internet. It can provide safe, trusted, stable, and reliable technical support for important industrial Internet fields such as high-end industry, numerical control devices, and industrial control core equipment.

Domestic Quad-Core CPU Architecture


Dachuan GS500, a secure heterogeneous multicore architecture based on the quad-core CPUs of the domestic Pingtou Brother's Xuantie, with 4 CPUs embedded in a single chip (CK810Fx1, CK803Sx2, CK802x1), has performance advantages such as lower power consumption, higher performance, higher integration, and higher security compared to traditional multi-chip solutions.


Rich Peripheral Resources


With the maximum operating frequency of 600MHz, the product has a powerful operation processing function. It integrates rich peripheral resources such as GMAC, SDIO2.0, and GPIO, and has multiple internal memories. It supports NandFlash and 2GB DDR2/DDR3 SDRAM external memory. The embedded security subsystem uses 1KB OTP to store system configuration, encryption key, and user key data. 96KB ROM is used to store the main system bootloader, and 8KB ROM is used to store the security subsystem bootloader.


Super Security 

Advanced physical unclonable technology and more than 30 anti-attack patent designs are integrated into the product. It supports a variety of security encryption functions such as international data encryption algorithm authentication and application layer data authentication and makes a breakthrough to use the international advanced and domestic leading embedded eSE security unit technology, so that a single chip has security and master control functions at the same time, and can achieve all-in-one integrated security protection to effectively defense side-channel attack, fault injection, physical attack, and other security threats.

At present, Geehy Dachuan GS500 can be widely used in industrial Internet fields such as industrial AMI measurement and control systems, HMI systems, industrial network controllers, and charging piles.


In the future, Geehy will continue to make a layout in the industrial automation application fields and expand the application fields of security chips to energy, transportation, nuclear power, communication, finance, and other important industries that have urgent autonomous and controllable needs.