Geehy Dachuan GS400 Helps Optimize the Processing Performance of Computers and Peripherals


According to IHS Markit data analysis, the market scale of computers and peripheral devices will increase from $14.472 billion to $16.077 billion from 2019 to 2023. Although the overall development trend of the industry slows down, the market space is still vast. With the popularization and development of information technology, the performance of computers and peripheral devices gradually converges. Improving the processing performance of products and reducing operating costs have become the key factors to maintain market competitiveness.


At present, Geehy has shipped more than 500 million domestic CPU cores. With 20 years of IC design experience and embedded system capability, Geehy has now launched the Dachuan GS400 series high-performance SoC, which can provide embedded low power consumption and high processing performance solutions for computers and peripherals.


Based on the dual-core encryption architecture of the domestic Pingtou Brother's Xuantie CPU, the Dachuan GS400 has a maximum operating frequency of 600MHz. It has an efficient operation processing function and can process a large amount of instruction information in real-time. It has a 2.5MIPS/Hz high-performance CPU, of which CK810 can run a Linux system and supports large task processing, and CK803S can run an RTOS system and supports real-time low-power task processing; which helps to optimize the processing performance of computers and peripheral devices and provides users with a better product use experience.


GS400 Key Technical Indicators


Dachuan GS400 complies with trusted computing and level management standards and supports high-efficiency autonomous processor customization technology and multi-scenario ultra-low power technology. The operating temperature range is -40℃~+85℃, which can adapt to various complex working environments. It integrates USB, UART, I2C, SPI, GPIO, and other communication interfaces and peripheral resources, thus effectively meeting the diversified communication requirements of computers and peripheral devices, and achieving application development of more products. Dachuan GS400 single-chip solution has performance advantages such as lower power consumption, higher performance, higher integration, and higher security compared to traditional multi-chip solutions.


GS400 Block Diagram