Geehy Industrial-Grade Enhanced APM32F103xC Series MCU


APM32F103xC series MCU, based on the APM32F103xE, has a comprehensive upgrade of power consumption, performance, and stability.

·Based on Arm® Cortex®-M3 core, with an operating dominant of 96MHz

·Flash 256KB, SRAM 64KB, rich storage space, meeting high-capacity cache requirements of products

·Provide a "dual-CAN" communication interface, and comply with 2.0A/2.0B (active) specification. The communication rate is up to 1Mbit/s

·Support simultaneous operation of USB and CAN interface to help customers to expand the application in industrial and automotive fields

At present, it can be widely used in the fields of industrial control and commercial products, such as network communication equipment, industrial control display screen, intelligent household electrical appliances, computing and data storage, industrial printers, automotive instruments, etc.

Power Consumption Optimization

The power supply voltage is 2.0V~3.6V. It supports power-on/power-down reset and a programmable power supply voltage detector. The MCU can be set to a safe state through the interrupt service program. It supports sleep, stop, and standby low-power modes, thus effectively prolonging the service life of the power supply and reducing the product cost. The chip ESD is greater than 5kV, which can help customers improve the electrostatic protection ability of the system. The operating temperature is -40℃+105℃, ensuring stable operation of the product at different temperatures.

Rich On-Board Resources

It integrates a wide range of high-precision timers, analog peripherals, and communication interfaces to comprehensively improve the diversified control of products, provide hardware support for system operation, increase the miniaturized packaging of high-capacity products, improve the system integration, and meet more development and application needs of customers.

Good Portability And High Security

It supports a CRC computing unit and 96-bit unique device ID. Built-in RTC supports alarm and calendar functions and can realize alarm and periodic wake-up in stop/standby mode. It has an excellent performance in portability and helps customers reduce product design time and accelerate product launching.

APM32F103xC series MCU can provide additional models and support enclosed 2MB SDRAM.