Geehy Launched Industrial Grade APM32F107/F105 Series Connectivity MCU


Recently, Geehy officially announced the new industrial-grade APM32F107/F105 series connectivity MCUs based on Arm® Cortex®-M3 core.


Expand communication peripherals and focus on connection function upgrades

The newly added product resources of APM32F107/F105 series MCU have three typical peripherals: USB OTG, Ethernet unit, and dual CAN bus.



Supports configurable Host/Device to enhance communication speed for typical applications such as building control, audio multimedia, and car navigators.


Ethernet Unit

As a cost-effective MCU with a built-in Ethernet MAC controller, APM32F107 is compatible with IEEE-802.3-2002 protocol and uses MII or RMII for Ethernet LAN communication, which can provide excellent internet communication for user products and is suitable for IoT, PLC, measurement instrumentation, communication equipment, and other market segments.


Dual CAN Bus

This series integrates two independent CAN buses to avoid interference introduced by bus outreach and perfect error detection mechanism. High operating frequency and code execution efficiency allow the system to send and receive CAN bus data while still performing bus redundancy algorithms, suitable for the automotive aftermarket.


The APM32F107/F105 series has high-efficiency Flash erase performance under full temperature and voltage environments. Operating in full-speed mode (72MHz, 25, 3.6V), the power consumption is 26.17mA and sleep power consumption is 9.42mA, which can ensure the best power consumption ratio while achieving high performance. Moreover, the built-in temperature sensor module has better conversion accuracy than the peer competitors.

Equipped with rich peripherals, the I2C interface (1Mbit/s) supports SMBus/PMBus, and the maximum transmission speed of SPI is 18Mbps, which can meet high-bandwidth application scenarios with a higher data transmission rate. The factory-calibrated 8MHz RC oscillator enables crystal-less design, providing three PLLs with configurable phase-locked loops. The built-in two 12-bit high-speed ADCs (16 external channels) and two 12-bit DACs (dual channels) support the accurate collection of high-efficiency dynamic data.



● Arm ® Cortex ® -M3

● Operating frequency: 96MHz

● Flash 64~256KB, SRAM 64KB

● Operating voltage 2.0~3.6V

● Up to 80 I/Os

● 2xDMA with 12 channels

● 2xI2C, 3xUSART, 5xU(S)ART, 3xSPI, 2xCAN, 1xUSB, OTG_FS, 1x Ethernet MAC (APM32F107)


As the latest member of the APM32 MCU family, the industrial-grade APM32F107/F105 supports both LQFP64 and LQFP100 packages and is equipped with complete hardware and software development tools and technical data such as SDK, development board, programmer, datasheet, and user manual. The APM32F105/F107 series and APM32F10X series maintain a certain degree of compatibility in software and hardware, facilitating users to switch freely between multiple APM32 series products and achieving design flexibility and ease of use.

With comprehensive power-saving modes, low-voltage operation, and easy-to-use development tools, the APM32F107/F105 series offers low power consumption, high performance, and high integration to meet the challenges of continuous upgrading of complete machines in various industries and to simplify development difficulties and reduce development time.

Currently, this series has been officially put into mass production and is fully available, please contact your sales manager for samples.