Geehy Launched Industrial Grade APM32S103 Series Standard MCUs


Recently, Geehy introduced the industry-grade APM32S103 series standard MCUs based on the 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M3 core. The new series, as an iteration of the APM32F103 series, increases production line resources and optimizes the supply chain. Compared with the APM32F103 series, the APM32S103 series expands the internal integrated SRAM to 36KB, increasing the internal storage during program operation to improve the data interchangeability, and the QSPI peripheral running up to 4 *18MHz.



The enhanced APM32S103 series can cover the APM32F103 series in hardware pins and software. The operating frequency can reach 96MHz, and the operating voltage range is 2.0V to 3.6V. The operating temperature range is -40 to +105, meeting the temperature requirements of the commercial and industrial-grade environment.



1. High Integration

On-chip resources such as high-precision timers, analog peripherals, and communication interfaces are integrated to help improve product diversification and extensive connectivity, meeting users’ development and application needs.


2. Rich On Chip Resources

Built-in two CAN buses support CAN and USB working independently at the same time. The "dual CAN" modules ensure communication reliability and help to improve communication efficiency. Built-in two 12-bit ADCs with up to 16 external channels and two internal channels to achieve dynamic and high-precision real-time sampling. In a built-in temperature sensor (Tsensor), the voltage generated by the sensor varies linearly with the temperature and can be converted to temperature by obtaining the voltage value from the ADC.


3. Reliable & Secure Performance

Support built-in POR/PDR; a configurable voltage detection template monitors the working voltage in real time; internally integrated timers can effectively reduce system risks; a 96-bit unique device ID helps customers to build regional sales strategies.


4. Low Power Consumption

It supports three low-power modes of sleep, shutdown, and standby. Users can configure different power modes according to actual application requirements to minimize energy consumption and improve efficiency.


The APM32S103 series MCUs can be widely used in industrial instrumentation, building control, security system, printing equipment, intelligent light control, automotive instrumentation, and other commercial or industrial control applications, providing QFN36, LQFP48/64/100 packages to meet the needs of users in different scenarios and enhance system integration.


Samples of the new products are now available, please contact the sales managers for samples.