Geehy APM32F030 Series MCU Certified IEC60730


With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, more and more intelligent household electrical appliances have come into our lives. To meet the growing demand for safety functions of household appliances, the Geehy APM32F030 series MCU has successfully passed the IEC 60730 certification. It can provide a motor control software library that meets the IEC 60335 standard, which helps to greatly reduce the time and cost for software engineers to invest in authentication, and help users focus on R&D and innovation of hardware and peripheral functions of products.

IEC 60730 Certification

About IEC 60730

In the field of the electronic application, MCU is often required for various self-inspections to ensure the stability and reliability of product operation. IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has issued the IEC60730 international safety standard for electrical equipment. This standard applies to household automatic control devices, electrical equipment components, building facilities, and other applications, and specifies the test and diagnosis standards for the safe operation of embedded control hardware and software, to effectively avoid potential hazards caused by system failures.

APM32F030 Series MCU

APM32F030 series MCU with low power, high performance, high precision, and high reliability is based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core, with an operating frequency of 48MHz, and Flash 32~256KB and SRAM 4~32KB. With integrated enhanced real-time control capability and upgraded peripheral resources, this series has been widely used in many scenarios such as intelligent household electrical appliances, electric tools, and intelligent toys, and meets the energy-efficient and intelligent IoT performance requirements.

MCU is the control core of intelligent household electrical appliances. The fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, image display, touch keys, variable-frequency control, and module connection all need to be completed through MCU. After passing this certification, Geehy APM32F030 series MCU will greatly help the functional innovation of intelligent household electrical appliances and promote the vigorous development of the intelligent household electrical appliance industry.