Geehy APM32F103RCT7 Certified AEC-Q100


Recently, Geehy APM32F103RCT7 MCU has certified AEC-Q100 after being tested by the GRGTest. The MCU has undergone strict reliability tests such as accelerated environmental stress, accelerated life simulation, electrical apparatus characteristics confirmation, and defect screening in strict accordance with various standards, all items have passed the test.

AEC-Q100 Qualification

AEC-Q100 is a standard formulated by the Automotive Electronic Council in 1994. After more than ten years of development, it has become a general standard for automotive electronic systems. It is mainly a set of reliability test standards designed for integrated circuit products for onboard applications to prevent various possible conditions or a potential fault state. Compared with traditional consumer electronics and industrial electronics, the AEC-Q100 qualification is extremely strict, and it is a vital pass for chip manufacturers to enter the automotive electronics field.

APM32F103RCT7 Features

APM32F103RCT7 automotive-grade MCUs meet the development requirements of electrification, intelligence, and digitalization of the automotive industry, and can be widely used in vehicle audio-visual systems, vehicle navigation, 360 around-view, electrically operated gate, vehicle central control, BMS battery management, T-box, intelligent cockpit, ADAS, and EDR. At present, Geehy has successfully entered the supply chain list of domestic automobile manufacturers and realized bulk supply.

Efficient Operations

It is based on Arm® Cortex®-M3 core, with an operating frequency of 96MHz, 256KB Flash, and 64KB SRAM are integrated inside and the rich storage space meets the large-capacity cache requirements of automotive applications.


Power Optimization

Compared with similar products, the power in operation/sleep/stop mode is reduced by about 30%~45%, which helps customers reduce power consumption and save operation costs.

Rich Onboard Resources

It provides a "dual-CAN" communication interface, which conforms to 2.0A/2.0B (active) specification, with a communication rate of up to 1Mbit/s. It supports the independent work of USB and CAN, and is suitable for various vehicle terminals to help customers expand application scenarios.

High Integration

It integrates RTC, 5/7-channel DMA, up to 80 I/O, 12-bit ADC, a wide range of high-precision timers, and analog peripherals. The diversified control of products is comprehensively improved, which can provide hardware support for the operation of automotive systems.

High Reliability

ESD is up to 5.5KV, which can improve the electrostatic protection capability of the system. The operating temperature is -40℃~105℃, ensuring the stable operation in a complex temperature environment. It has achieved IEC61508 and USB-IF certifications with stable, reliable, and consistent performance.

Easy Development

Complete software and hardware development kits, application development guidance documents, and on-site application support are provided to ensure service support in the whole process from R&D to product implementation.

Complete software and hardware development kits, application development guidance documents, and on-site application support are provided to ensure service support in the whole process from R&D to product implementation.

Future Planning Layouts

The new round of scientific and technological revolution accelerates the automotive industry to move towards "electrification, networking, and intelligence". The automotive market has broad prospects, and the potential for domestic demand is constantly being released. This not only leads to a great increase in the demand for automotive-grade MCU but also puts forward higher requirements for chip functions. This AEC-Q100 qualification, as an important milestone for Geehy in the layout of the automotive application market, is the professional recognition of the reliability and security of Geehy MUCs, and also a powerful embodiment of the excellent quality control strength of Geehy.


In 2022, Geehy APM32E103 and APM32F072 series MCU will undergo AEC-Q100 qualification to meet more application requirements of customers. At the same time, Geehy is also developing an APM32A series MCU that meets the ISO26262 standards. The products will cover ASIL-B to ASIL-D security levels and meet different security level requirements of application scenarios from vehicle body control to domain control. To respond to green development and support the national strategic goals of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" and high-quality development, Geehy will launch automotive-grade specialized chips in the fields of sensors and battery management for new energy vehicles.