Geehy Semiconductor Attended Brushless DC Motor Control Technology Seminar


On May 19, 2022, the 7th (Spring) "Brushless DC Motor Control Technology Seminar" of Electronic Fancier Network, which has attracted much attention in the industry, was successfully held in Shenzhen, aiming to interpret the latest motor industry information, motor control chips, and solutions, and jointly explore advanced motor control technology. As a guest, Geehy attended this grand event.

Under the background of China's full implementation of the new development concept and carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the market demand for energy-efficient BLDC motors is growing rapidly. According to Grand View Research, the global BLDC motor industry scale will grow at a CAGR of 5.7% from $17.9 billion to around $22.3 billion from 2021-to 2025.

Closely following the development trend of the BLDC motor industry, at this meeting, Geehy showcased the high-performance APM32F407, enhanced APM32E103, mainstream APM32F103, and basic APM32F072 series 32-bit industrial MCUs, as well as motor drive, high-speed fan, servo drive, HVAC controller and other motor application solutions. With product characteristics of low power, high performance, high precision, high reliability, and rich customer application cases, Geehy can effectively help customers upgrade product energy efficiency and empower innovation of motor application.

Geehy APM32 Series Industrial-grade MCU

Based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M3/M4 core

Operating temperature range: -40℃~+105℃, which is suitable for a complex operating environment

▪ ESD>8KV with the strong anti-interference capability

▪ APM32F103 certified IEC61508 and conforms to industrial reliability standards

▪ APM32F030 certified IEC60730 and complies with motor control reliability standards

▪ Full lifecycle quality control secures high product consistency

Complete motor control chip development tools and ecosystem

▪ Stable partnership with leading domestic industrial control companies and well-known brands in the industry

The motor drive is a hot topic of scientific and technological innovation and is favored by many enterprises. Motors provide more competitive solutions not only in the field of consumer goods but also in the fields of industry, communication, medical treatment, automobile, and even aerospace and national defense. With the mass production of more products entering the leading customers, Geehy will continue to enable technology research and development with the spirit of innovation, provide core motor control MCUs and solutions for customers in many different fields, and drive the development of the BLDC motor application market towards a more professional direction.