A New Member of Geehy Automotive-Grade MCU APM32F072RBT7 Certified AEC-Q100


The deepening changes in the domestic automotive industry have catalyzed the rapid growth in demand for automotive chips from traditional cars, new energy, and smart networked cars. Recently, Geehy APM32F072RBT7 MCU underwent strict reliability tests by the third-party GRGTest and successfully certified AEC-Q100. This indicates that following APM32F103RCT7, the automotive-grade MCU chip team is expanding.



Performance with Excellent Power Efficiency

Based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core, it has efficient operational performance and excellent power, with an operating frequency of 48MHz, Flash 128 Kbytes, and SRAM 16 Kbytes. With an operating temperature of -40℃~105℃, it has strong adaptability to a complex environment, has certified AEC-Q100, and meets the automotive-grade reliability standard.

High Integration & Various Controls

The full-speed USB2.0 module supports operation without an external crystal oscillator, USB charging detection, and link-layer power management. USB can be used together with CAN, which helps to expand the application scenarios of vehicle control. A 48MHz high-precision and high-speed RC oscillator is embedded and can resist power interference and be corrected synchronously in real-time. It supports HDMI CEC function and can meet the advanced control requirements of automotive audio and video intelligent terminal devices.

High Cost Performance & High Safety

The cost-effective USB scheme without an external crystal oscillator helps to simplify the design and save external circuits. Up to 24 capacitive sensing channels are built in to accurately identify the touch input instructions in complex environments. The enhanced safety function supports SRAM data verification, PWM stop when the core is locked, and a variety of Flash memory protection levels.

At present, it has been widely used in dead zone detection, alarm, vehicle OBC charger, vehicle central control, automobile data recorder, vehicle audio-visual system, and other fields.

Explore Potential Market And Expand Application Fields

Geehy Semiconductor is committed to the R&D and innovation of industrial & automotive-grade MCUs, sensors, high-performance analog IC, BMS battery management, and other chip products. In 2022, Geehy will successively certify AEC-Q100 for multiple products. Meanwhile, we are actively promoting the R&D of new automotive-grade MCU products that meet the ISO26262 functional safety standards. In the future, Geehy products will cover the safety levels from ASIL-B to ASIL-D, to meet the safety level requirements of different automotive applications from vehicle body control to domain control.

About AEC-Q100

AEC-Q100 is a comprehensive evaluation standard for general vehicle IC chip reliability based on failure mechanism formulated by AEC Committee and has certain authority in the global automotive industry. Its test conditions are stricter than those of industrial control and consumer chips with a long cycle. It can be completed through multiple rounds of tests and under the cooperation of multiple parties. It is an important industry standard for chip products to enter the automotive electronics supply chain.