Security is the Key to the Development of IoT


Identify the authenticity and uniqueness of the user's access identity.

Communication Security

Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data connection and transmission.

Storage Security

Protect the security of static data storage locations.

Competitiveness Enhancement

Increase product security features to improve competitiveness.

Intellectual Property Protection

Protect independent intellectual property of the company and reasonably control the OEM.

Information Security

Prevent data information from being copied, tampered, forged and leaked.

Customized Intelligent Security SoC Solutions

Trusted Computing SoC

  • Support Process isolation and remote validation
  • Resistance to software attack and physical on-site attack
  • The encryption protection with authentication can realize sealed storage
  • To build security channels to prevent data from being simulated and tampered by malicious codes

Patented technology of resistance to reverse engineering

  • Proprietary intellectual property patents
  • Eliminate reverse engineering at the source of wafer design

Security module (eSE) Chip

  • 32-bit security CPU core with multiple types of anti-attack capabilities
  • Symmetry and public key cryptography accelerate hardware units to resist side channel attacks
  • Hardware secure startup, running, and life cycle management supported
  • With multiple true random number generators

Security SoC for Network Communication

  • Based on CPU of multi core heterogeneous architecture
  • With system integrity check and self-recovery technology
  • With high-efficiency coprocessor

Product Performance

Multi-core Subsystem Architecture

  • Based on CPU of multi-core heterogeneous architecture
  • Multi-core subsystem: application CPU, SE,PSE and ICM

Dual-CPU Lock-Step Architecture

  • Trusted CPU 803
  • eSE built-in CPU 802


  • Flash: 1MB
  • SRAM: 384KB

Pow Consumption

  • 1µA sleep power consumption
  • 30mA operating power @50MHz
  • Support power consumption customization for running, standby, and sleep


  • Frequency: 200 MHz ~500MHz
  • Data processing rate: 500Mbps~5Gbps

Encryption Algorithm Standard

  • International encryption algorithms: AES, DES, ECC, RSA, SHA1/2
  • National encryption algorithm: SM1, SM2

Network Security Protocols

  • IPSec, SSL, MACSec
  • FIPS 140~2level3
  • EAL4+
  • GM/T 0008-2012 level2


  • Customized software and hardware IP according to customer product specifications
  • Short cycle, fast delivery, mature and flexible business model


Power Grid

Smart Buildings

Industrial Control

Energy Measurement