20 Years of Offensive and Defensive Practical Experience
in The Security Encryption Field

Geehy has always been focused on the development and innovation of security technology. It has successfully launched printer security SoC and network security chip based on the CPU core. Geehy is fully deploying the industrial internet security field and is committed to promoting chips' industrialization development.

  • In 2016, the printer-dedicated security SoC won the “First Prize of the Chinese Institute of Electronics Science and Technology Award”
  • In 2017, the Pantum printer used the SoC-eSE with CPU had been certified by the Information System Security Testing and Evaluation Center of State Security Administration.
  • In 2019, won the “China IoT Technology Innovation Breakthrough Award”
  • In 2020, won the “Annual Best Domestic Security Chip Product Award”
  • In 2020, the integrated circuit security chip based on the 32-bit CPU won the “Second Prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award”
  • In 2020, won the “Industrial IoT Demonstration Project Award”

Customized Software and Hardware IP
for Product Specifications


  • Extreme-low-power in run, standby, and sleep modes
  • Complete lightweight software system

High security

  • Provide different levels of security protection

    Security hardware

    Trusted software

    Security protocol

High integration

  • Large-capacity storage resources
  • Abundant peripheral interfaces
  • IPSec coprocessor


  • Multi-core architecture (dual-core, quad-core, hepta-core)
  • Single-chip solution is easy to embed micro device