Security SoC Application Solution

Master + Security SoC system

  • Enable to directly use the network and security service provided by the security SoC firmware without programming
  • Enable to transparent transmission to network with the UART/SPI data
  • Support wireless modem and wired Ethernet
  • Support http, TCP,and Udp protocol

Single-chip system

  • Enable to use SDK and application reference code for custom application programming
  • SDK supports enabling/disabling TEE mode
  • Support to open the FLASH-based log system
  • Based on the low-power-consumption framework, enabling customized low-power strategy
  • Support customized SeCoS without development

Security SoC Application

Industrial Internet Security SoC Solution

Security risks faced by industrial internet node equipment

The data may be stolen or tampered during transmission

Uncontrolled or malicious access

Responding strategy for industrial internet node equipment

To eliminate its program vulnerabilities

Use PKI technology to verify access identity in data transmission link

Security solution of node equipment

Adopt trusted architecture, cipher algorithm accelerator, and crucial essential security service

Integrate security into the chip to ensure the safety of data transmission


Data transmission encryption and access authentication of the business layer

Crucial business data storage

Security controlled firmware update

Smart Home Security SoC Solution

The cloud PKI public key

Equipment delivery: The self-built PKI public key infrastructure is used for equipment certificate injection, and the cryptosystem is responsible for equipment registration and certificate issuance

Equipment operation: Use certificate mechanism for access authentication, data encryption and decryption keys are established and generated by the keys exchange protocol

The self-built PKI public key infrastructure is used for certificate injection when the home gateway is delivered and the security gateway is deployed. The cloud and the home gateway used certificate mechanism to communicate with IPsec

Flexible design form of home gateway: It can integrate public network access module or be used as a secondary gateway for home subnets