We don't run by rule, but pursuit and explore persistently.


We emphasize the integration of personal development and corperate goals.


We are a dynamic and diverse team that respects every interesting soul.

Mutual benefit derives from talent development

Talents are the driving force of enterprise development. Combining with company strategies and business requirements, Geehy has established a sound training mechanism to achieve a subtle blend of individual and enterprise value for mutual benefits.

Freshman Orientation

We will help you settle in and get to know about the company well, eliminating the sense of strangeness and distance quickly.

Management Skills Training

We have professional training team and courses enabling your continuous advancement in career.

Professional Skills Training

We provide on-the-job training to improve your work efficiency and enhance personal sense of accomplishment.


We are here to exchange experiences, and the collision of different thoughts will spark innovative and brilliant ideas.

Company Assignment

You'll have a opportunity to enjoy the diverse culture and absorb more cutting-edge innovative thinking.

Salary and Welfare

Giving is proportional to receiving

Basic Protection

Five social insurance and one housing found Year-end bonuses Legal holidays Salary adjustment

Improve the Quality of Life

Physical examination Annual travel Association activities Recreational and sports activities

Welfare Subsidies

Food allowance Birthday subsidies Longevity pay Holiday allowance

Incentive and Benefits

Equity incentive Special contribution awards Special awards Performance awards

The Working Environment

We make effort to build a comfortable environment for employees to release their pressures from work. Here you may enjoy the warm reading atmosphere by yourself, or freely share your thinkings and feelings with others. We also provide various smart devices and leisure places such as multimedia lecture theatre, fitness room, billiard room, and children's play room for entertainment and parent-child interaction after work.

Cultural Activity

You may feel the warmth of home, realizing the balance between work and life. We organize all kinds of activities regularly, like hiking, reading, swimming, and ball games, enabling you find your like-minded partners to explore wonderful world together. Various interest associations like photography, calligraphy, reading and ball associations may also be conductive to inspire your potentials and enrich youself.