About Geehy

Geehy Semiconductor is an IC design company that specializes in industrial and automotive grade microprocessors, mixed signal analog ICs, and SoCs.

With 20 years of IC design experience and embedded system capability, Geehy can provide customers with core, reliable chip products that enable accurate sensing, secure transmission, and real-time control, helping them to expand in automotive, industrial, new energy, and consumer electronics.

Geehy now has six chip R&D centers (Zhuhai, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, and North Carolina), multiple R&D cooperation bases, and an R&D team of over 500 employees, accelerating industrial upgrading through scientific and technological innovation. Geehy has a domestic advanced chip design and R&D level, a full range of software and hardware design services, and a full range of manufacturing services.

"Continuously drive industry innovation and create value for customers." Geehy's ambition is to become a world-class integrated circuit design company.

Corporate Strength

Advantages and

Excellent Chip Design Capability

  • 16/32/64-bit kernel and RISC-V core independent design capability
  • Secure embedded eSE chip design capability
  • Multi-core heterogeneous chip design capability
  • AEC-Q100-compliant automotive MCU design capability

Strong R&D Strength

  • A 500+ integrated circuit design engineers
  • Five R&D centers: Zhuhai, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and North Carolina
  • Industry-university-research cooperation with well-known universities and research institutions

Advanced Laboratories and Equipment

  • An independent laboratory for automotive ICs
  • Advanced equipment includes a focused ion beam system, wafer testing equipment, 3D X-ray, CP testing equipment
  • Five CNAS-accredited labs: electrical verification, component reliability, environmental reliability, failure analysis, and application

Quality Comes First

  • We apply the most stringent quality inspection and control system and standards in the whole production process, aiming to provide superior quality products for our customers.

Patent Advantages

  • We have an intelligent analysis system in patent monitoring and early warning, and a professional team of more than 50 patent engineers and professional lawyers.

Customer Orientation

  • With support from a strong FAE team and a comprehensive service mechanism, we can provide superior services for customers.

Core Values


To create value for the society
To provide services for customers
To realize the ideal of Geehy members


Based on technology R&D
and patent innovation
To meet customers‘ needs


To meet the needs of market development
To be the benchmark in industry quality




Create value for customers