Geehy Showcased a Reliable 32-Bit APM32 MCU Solution at Embedded World 2023

March 27, 2023 Embedded World Geehy APM32

During March 14-16, Geehy successfully debuted at Embedded World 2023, showcasing its innovative IC product portfolio and reliable solutions, which included the latest APM32 MCU, Dedicated BMS IC, SoC products and applications in industrial control, new energy, and automotive fields.


The event was attended by around 27,000 professionals from the embedded industry, allowing Geehy to interact with global engineers and partners on-site.



More than APM32 MCU

Geehy showcased the full APM32 series as well as the latest product — APM32F035 motor dedicated MCU, an integrates a high-speed ADC, 4 operational amplifiers, 2 comparators, and has 1 built-in CAN controller, meeting the needs of applications such as electric bicycles, fans, water pumps, power tools, and compressors;  Geehy also exhibit the new BMS IC - BMP1601 which supports more than 20 kinds of protection functions and integrates functional modules such as efficient voltage/current/temperature acquisition. It supports ultra-low power mode and 5~16 series lithium battery solution.

Geehy brought the leading solutions including the efficient BLDC/PMSM Motor Control Development Platform, E-Bike/E-Scooter Motor Control, Absolute Encode solution, and BMS solutions.

Geehy's keynote speeches at the exhibitor forum, Serena WANG, Director of the Overseas Sales Department, introduced the whole layout of APM32 MCU and MCU+ solutions, and Geehy's latest technical achievements and the successful applications of APM32 MCU in the industrial, smart energy, and automotive fields.



At the same time, Serena showed the upcoming APM32L07x/08x: Ultra-low-power MCU, which attracted a group of customers.


More Diverse Product Lines

More User-Friendly Development Environment



Geehy set up the APM32 DEMO SHOW session at the booth, and the senior FAE manager, Jim Ji, brought Geehy's development board demonstration and invited the engineers to join the live to experience the latest motor control solution and APM32's friendly ecosystem.




“We provide systematic and convenient solutions for engineers to design products, allowing engineers to focus on innovation itself and make complex designs more efficient,” said Cindy Zhang, Geehy's Marketing Director.


With over 20 years of experience in integrated circuit design and embedded system development, Geehy can serve numerous international customers and provide localized technical support. The company's global, stable, and reliable supply chain system effectively guarantees product safety and quality, making customer inspiration a reality. Starting from embedded world 2023, Geehy will continue to uphold the values of innovation, quality, and service, and provide comprehensive solutions and technical support to customers worldwide.