In the dynamic landscape of modern automotive technology, Geehy's semiconductor devices play a pivotal role in the transformative shift towards electrification, intelligence, and connectivity. Our commitment extends to a diverse range of automotive applications, such as infotainment systems, power systems, safety systems, and body control. With certifications like AEC-Q100 and ISO 26262, Geehy ensures safe and reliable automotive-grade products, aiding customers in rapid product development and achieving the highest safety integrity level (ASIL). Drive with confidence, safety, and comfort with Geehy's innovative solutions.

Infotainment Systems

In-vehicle infotainment systems are extending towards consumer electronics products. Our solutions embrace automotive connectivity trends, providing secure information transmission, mobile network connectivity, and a holistic in-vehicle experience that engages visual, auditory, and tactile senses.

Power Systems

Anticipating the rise of automotive electrification, Geehy delivers safe, reliable, and flexible power solutions. Our commitment extends to new energy vehicles, integrating functional safety and cutting-edge semiconductor technology to optimize energy utilization and enhance efficiency in vehicle energy management.

Safety Systems

With rising speeds and traffic density, driving safety is paramount. Our solutions for chassis and safety, encompassing both active and passive systems, address these concerns. Geehy assists customers in enhancing overall vehicle performance, safety, and handling.

Body Control

Our comprehensive product portfolio caters to body electronic and lighting systems, delivering personalized and convenient interactions for drivers and passengers. With flexible and scalable solutions, we meet diverse design needs, elevating the comfort and convenience of all vehicle occupants.

Typical Applications

Smart Interactive Lighting System: G32A1445 Automotive Music Rhythm Ambient Lights Solution

The G32A1445 MCU from Geehy meets various automotive needs, enhancing the performance and efficiency of intelligent car lighting setups.

Achieving Fully Dynamic Adaptive Lighting: G32A1445 LED Matrix Headlamp Solution

Geehy's automotive LED matrix headlamp solution features the G32A1445, a brand-new MCU designed for automotive use.

Geehy Automotive Grade APM32A407 Reversing Radar Solution

A reversing radar typically consists of several key components, including a main control chip, reversing radar sensor, an ultrasonic transmitting and receiving circuit, an alarm circuit, and a display circuit.