APM32 Motor Control Dedicated MCUs

In an ever-evolving world, motors are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, powering everything from everyday gadgets to industrial giants. As environmental concerns and automation advancements drive the demand for intelligent, energy-efficient motors, Geehy is at the forefront of innovation, crafting motor control solutions that revolutionize efficiency, minimize power consumption, reduce costs, and elevate safety standards. Beyond innovation, Geehy excels in enabling swift mass production through state-of-the-art system-level ecosystem services.

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First Motor Control Dedicated APM32F035 Series

Geehy's first 32-bit FoC vector control MCU features an embedded M0CP coprocessor and supports a complete FoC control algorithm. Integrates high-speed ADC, op-amp, comparator, and CAN controller peripherals.

Empowering flexible, swift, and scalable applications.

APM32F035 Laboratory Centrifuge Solution

Leveraging years of expertise in motor control applications, Geehy proudly presents the APM32F035 laboratory centrifuge solution.

APM32F035 Industrial Exhaust Fan Solution

This solution is centered around the APM32F035 motor control MCU, which samples signals like bus voltage, current, and IPM temperature.

Motor Control Dedicated MCU - APM32F035

As a 32-bit FoC Vector Control MCU, APM32F035 comes with a built-in Vector Computer with various dedicated math accelerators, providing comprehensive support for FoC control algorithms.

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