Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronic devices encompass a variety of types, including smart appliances, portable devices, personal health and care devices, connected devices, and peripherals for mobiles and computers. These products, integral to daily life, offer outstanding user experiences characterized by small size, high reliability, low power consumption, and safe performance. Geehy meets these demands with a diverse product series and solutions, offering expandable design references to simplify and innovate the product development cycle.

Smart Appliances

Smart home appliances are increasingly becoming a mainstream trend in the market, emphasizing the need for high energy efficiency, reliability, and interconnected solutions. Geehy provides intelligent management technology and motor control solutions, enabling developers to design energy-efficient and effective devices that enhance user convenience and comfort.

Connected Devices, Mobiles, and Computer Peripherals

Connected devices, mobiles, and computer peripherals are widely used electronic devices in daily life. With the rapid development of integrated circuit technology, we bring continuous innovation to make these devices smarter and more reliable. Our provided devices and designs help developers develop, optimize, and enhance product performance.

Personal Health Care

Responding to the increasing health awareness, Geehy offers personal health and care solutions, enabling developers to design efficient, low-power, and flexible health care products.

Portable Devices

As information and network technology advances, portable devices continue to capture consumer favor, leading to a constant expansion of the market size. Geehy's microcontrollers, sensors, and power management solutions enable designers to develop low-power, high-performance, and reliable products, providing users with convenient and swift product experiences.

Typical Applications

Geehy Announces Integrated Master Control and Communication Module for Robot Vacuum Solution

The Geehy smart robot vacuum uses the high-performance APM32F407 series MCU in its main control module, which boasts high frequency, performance, integration, and rich peripheral resources. Additionally, the control module incorporates the low-power GW8811 Bluetooth 4.2 chip to efficiently map and clean homes.

Geehy GW3323 Wireless Bluetooth Walkie-Talkie Solution

The wireless Bluetooth walkie-talkie adopts a low-power Bluetooth MCU with RF transceiver module architecture to optimize and upgrade the traditional walkie-talkie.

APM32F030x8 Medical Device Application-Pulse Oximeter Solution

Using household medical devices to self-monitor has become a basic protection step for many residents, and a pulse oximeter is one of the essential personal protective equipment.