APM32 Industrial-Grade MCUs

The APM32 series comprises 32-bit MCUs based on Arm Cortex-M0+/M3/M4F cores. These MCUs deliver a blend of high performance, low power consumption, real-time capabilities, stability, security, and versatility, ensuring a rapid, straightforward, and flexible development experience. With diverse models catering to various applications, the APM32 lineup features a robust development ecosystem and finds extensive use in industrial control, automotive electronics, high-end consumer electronics, smart homes, new energy, and communication facilities.

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Based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M3/M4F Cores

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APM32F405/407 APM32F417 APM32F411 APM32F103 APM32F105/107 APM32E103 APM32F003 APM32F051 APM32F030 APM32F072 APM32F091


APM32F0 Series

General-purpose MCUs for cost-sensitive applications with low power consumption, wider temperature range, and high stability.


APM32F1 Series

General-purpose MCUs with versatility, large capacity, and high reliability.

APM32E1 Series

Enhanced MCUs building on the performance of the APM32F1 series, providing higher frequency, larger capacity, and multiple interfaces.


APM32F4 Series

General-purpose MCUs target mid-to-high-end applications, providing high performance, large capacity, and high safety.


Industrial Mainstream Popular APM32F103 Series

Powerful computational and power efficiency along with ample storage. A popular series in the APM32 lineup, it is widely used across various applications.

Industrial High-Performance Popular APM32F405/407

Excellent CPU computational performance, large storage, and rich communication peripherals for diverse product applications.

Industrial Basic Popular APM32F030 Series

Low power consumption, high performance, and a wide temperature range for economical acquisition of complex product features.

Empowering flexible, swift, and scalable applications.

Geehy APM32E103/F072 Series MCUs Certified IEC6073

Geehy and SEGGER partner to fully support the APM32 series MCU.

APM32E103/F072 Series MCUs Certified IEC6073

Geehy APM32E103/APM32F072 series MCUs have successfully passed IEC 60730 safety standard.

APM32F103VB Successfully Certified IEC61508

Geehy APM32F103VB series MCU certified IEC61508 SIL2 in April 2020.

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APM32 Ecosystem

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